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 SouthNarc 2009 Visit

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PostSubject: SouthNarc 2009 Visit   Mon 28 Dec 2009, 20:25

I met SouthNarc a few years ago at a seminar in the US and can confirm he is a true gent - some of the "usual faces" in this link!


TheBristolBloke is not a noddy - He's a very naughty boy! !
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paul scothern

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PostSubject: Re: SouthNarc 2009 Visit   Tue 29 Dec 2009, 18:08

i went (for my sins), 3rd time i've been now, Craig does a great seminar, and is original in his thinking, his understanding of space / proxemics on the street is A1 and he has an excellent well structured program which has truckloads of material beyond his DVDs. he really is a must i my opinion.

Craig is into his standing grappling / having a mma base, position before blow rather more so than beginning hitting from whereever you are, so there may be some adjusting for many FS based exponents, there was/is for me given my main base in Lee's stuff.

the timing of this seminar is usually the w/e before den's international, which makes it one or the other for most people, if the organizers of both agreed to space them out both seminars might get more people, just a thought.

Ian and his guys are great hosts.

hope everyone is well


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PostSubject: Re: SouthNarc 2009 Visit   Wed 30 Dec 2009, 10:24

Timing of a seminar is sometimes difficult.
For the International, we took the first weekend after the big music festival here in Liverpool, and that has established an annual timeframe that we stick to, so that guys can plan ahead.

Check Six,
Dennis Martin
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PostSubject: Re: SouthNarc 2009 Visit   

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SouthNarc 2009 Visit
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