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 Just saying Hi!!

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PostSubject: Just saying Hi!!   Tue 29 Jun 2010, 08:16

Hello everyone, I'm Les...I do FMA, and I'm very much interested in WW2 Combatives, RBSD, NLP and related disciplines, and how all of the above fits together. After reading Mr. Marcus Wynne's article on Neural-Based Training, I figured this is the place to be, so here I am!

Honestly, I'm probably going to read, absorb and mull things over more than post, as I like to know what I'm talking about before I say or write anything. Not much more to say, really. Apart from training, I like smart, pretty girls who wear black well, good books, good whiskey, having a quiet pint or three with dear friends, playing guitar, writing, Motorhead, Iggy, old-school punk rock, hardcore, 60's/70's soul music, Miles, Bird, Coltrane, and classic ska and reggae. Just a regular guy, all in all--and I'm happy to be here! Thanks for having me, I'll just be sitting over here quietly with a mug of coffee... :-)
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PostSubject: Re: Just saying Hi!!   Tue 29 Jun 2010, 10:25

Welcome aboard, and enjoy the forum

Check Six,
Dennis Martin
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Just saying Hi!!
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