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 Ireland 2006

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Alan Beckett

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PostSubject: Ireland 2006   Sun 22 Jul 2007, 13:03

From Den

dozen enthusiasts braved the storms to attend the latest series of seminars hosted by John Brawn, in Westport.
Firstly we presented our COMBATIVES-2 OFFENSIVE MINDSET PROGRAM. Then, on Sunday, we went through the CLOSE-CONTACT WEAPONS PROGRAM. As a bonus, we covered Performance under Intense Stress as well.

[Den and John pictured at the launch of John's new DVD, which will be reviewed here soon]
More photos, and details later.
Meanwhile, many thanks to John and Collette for hosting the courses and for their terrific welcome. And thanks to all the guys and gals who attended.

Here's big John discussing the use of the Maglite in security work...

More later.

The Offensive Mindset Program starts with a PowerPoint presentation on Mindset [including Colour Codes and OODA Loops], Fear Control, the Vital Pyramid as well as case studies.
Practical drills to install aggression, and to control/convert fear are then introduced.


[Here Martin and Dave train in an aggression build-up drill.
Martin O'Malley is a kickboxing instructor, who used to work with John Brawn on the doors.
Dave Duffy is a internationally recognised fighter in karate, boxing and boxer and full-contact events, as well as a noted self-protection instructor]

The Close-contact Weapons Program also started with Aggression, via the “Tactical Brick” drills….

[Here Dermot McGrath smashes the brick as John Brawn holds the pad. Dermot is one of Ireland's top MMA competitors/instructors]

More later

From John Brawn

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for a great course at the weekend, I am getting a huge amount of positive feed back from the participants. These are a few of the things they said:

"Thank you Dennis for an awesome course, everything we did, we were
able to use under pressure straight away. There's nothing better than
that. Best Dermot McGrath"

"Thanks for everything it was very enjoyable and extremely useful.
Hope to do it again. Thanks" Danielle Eriksson

"Top Class - the best I've ever done, in 23 years of training, Thanks"
David Duffy

When you can confirm your availability for the the Spring Camp let me know and I will set set things up on this end, there seems to be a lot of interest already.

Best regards,



Here's the group on the Sunday of the course:

John brought some of his terrific collection of books to show to the guys. There were several texts on conditioning for wrestling, boxing and self-protection that I noted, as will be ordering for my own collection.

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Ireland 2006
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