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PostSubject: Quick intro...   Quick intro... Icon_minitimeSat 22 Oct 2011, 20:56

Hi all,

I'm Nik', a 21 y.o. guy living in France.
I'm very glad to be there on that forum that seems to gather TONS of knowledge.
I hope to participate, have nice conversations and meet some great people there, and after a couple of days reading the boards, it seems that I won't be disappointed, although given the number of skilled and experienced guys here, I feel REALLY humble.

Obviously one of my main interests in life is the Combatives and everything merely related to it, and of course self protection in general.
I started training Krav Maga in my 15's/16's and it was my first encounters w/ the self defense midst.
Although I feel really blessed to train within a really nice group that emphasized the Combatives background of KM, I quit the KM formal training and basically the KM midst like a year ago. Mostly for personal reasons but I was fed up w/ the egos, moneys and politics (between the different organizations, I have to say).
I took interest in Combatives a couple of years ago or so, and I really like it because it gathered a lot of things I like, a no-nonsense combat system and my interest in military history/history in general.

Apart from the Combatives world, my main interests are history, hiking, travelling, weapons, and I recently took interest in knifemaking/bladesmithing.

I read Den's book "Working w/ Warriors" last year, and it was very inspiring for me because I read it under particular circumstances and while I was in a rough patch.
So, thanks Den.

In a conclusion, a funny fact: for the record, I read Den's book during a long, long, 6-hours railway trip, and like three different guys sat in front of me: all of 'em seemed to be curious about the "How three combat experts took martial arts out of the gym and into the street".

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PostSubject: Re: Quick intro...   Quick intro... Icon_minitimeSun 23 Oct 2011, 06:27

Bienvenue Nik

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PostSubject: Re: Quick intro...   Quick intro... Icon_minitimeSun 23 Oct 2011, 11:55

Welcome, indeed, Nik. Hope you enjoy the conversations here.
All the best,

Check Six,
Dennis Martin
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PostSubject: Re: Quick intro...   Quick intro... Icon_minitimeMon 24 Oct 2011, 16:29

Welcome !

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PostSubject: Re: Quick intro...   Quick intro... Icon_minitime

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Quick intro...
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