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 Hello people

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PostSubject: Hello people   Tue 24 Jul 2007, 21:06

Yet another, coming over from the older forums, must say this is looking great Dennis, and must say thanks, becuase over the last ten years or so you have changed my outlook on M.A and life in general, whether it was the reality check in combat or G.T forum or the SP forum, my knowledge and general interest in combatives and life has been formed by you and the guy's posting on the forums.

The readiness topic, kit lists, book lists all have helped me and my family/friends, marcus's thoughts topic is another, I urge anyone I teach or train with to go and look at these.

Hopefully going to try and get up and train with you guy's at some point as well,lol.

Cheers mate

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PostSubject: Re: Hello people   Tue 24 Jul 2007, 23:13

Dion welcome to the new forum. It's heartening to hear you got so much from my efforts.

Check Six,
Dennis Martin
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Hello people
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