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 La Brea

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PostSubject: La Brea   Fri 27 Jul 2007, 18:04

Hi there.

Iím Gareth (Gareth Thomas), I currently live in the USA (Milwaukee) but originally I am from Dunedin New Zealand. I grew up there, went to School and University there (got My PhD in Chemistry), and met my Wife (an American with Dual Citizenship) there. I also met and trained with (and plan to keep doing so) Geoff ďTankĒ Todd, as part of his School of Self Defense.

Iím working in the Pharmaceutical industry over here and currently not training in anything new (sort of started on Richard Dimitriís Senshido but work has left little time for me to do more than sleep).

So this is a quick gíday, and Iím looking forward to lurking and posting.


Gareth (aka theardri, or if you must ďDr Gar GarĒ)
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PostSubject: Re: La Brea   Fri 27 Jul 2007, 18:51

Gareth, a warm welcome to the forum

Check Six,
Dennis Martin
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La Brea
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