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 Hi from NY

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james huffaker

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PostSubject: Hi from NY   Tue 01 Jan 2013, 13:21

Good morning and Happy New Year from NY

I'm Jim.

I have studied bits and snippets of various arts over the years, not enough to speak of.

I have an abiding interest in combatives and gutter fighting, and was a student of the now defunct Gutter fighting forum, I miss it.

I make my living as an RN at a trauma center here, and was involved in EMS and a fireman for a while.

Hope I can contribute something useful.

Regards, Jim
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PostSubject: Re: Hi from NY   Tue 01 Jan 2013, 21:29

Hey Jim!

Nice to see you here!!

All the best


TheBristolBloke is not a noddy - He's a very naughty boy! !
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PostSubject: Re: Hi from NY   Thu 03 Jan 2013, 16:04

Hiya Jim,

Its not too uncommon for there to be trauma care discussion in the forum (and sometimes the odd seminar!) so your contribution is more than welcome.

Have a mooch around some of the trauma related threads and don't think twice about bringing them back to life if you've anything to add.

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PostSubject: Re: Hi from NY   Sun 06 Jan 2013, 05:48

Welcome aboard, Jim! I have a healthcare security background, and I'm sure you've seen your share of stuff in the medical field.
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PostSubject: Re: Hi from NY   

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Hi from NY
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