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 Shivworks UK 2007

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PostSubject: Shivworks UK 2007   Shivworks UK 2007 Icon_minitimeThu 02 Aug 2007, 20:04

Shivworks UK Seminar 2007

This is my first seminar review, so hopefully this will come out ok. The Seminar started on the Friday night at the Horin Dojo. My first test was to actually find the dojo. As it was right at the end of a large industrial estate and was unmarked. However luckily I bumped into Ian the organiser outside and the weekend started.

Southnarc explained a number of things that night. Verbal control how tone and language have an impact pre fight. The Default position was explained, then came the words that would become my new mantra, “nose over toes”. This referred to the body mechanics necessary to move and maintain a strong base. The use of good body mechanics was a strong emphasis throughout the weekend. Pre fight cues and task fixation were other points also reviewed and explained, also the recommendation that we check out you tube to find more examples and improve awareness. All this new knowledge was then utilised, in a supervised test one by one outside in the car park. Definitely highlighting a lot of points for me to work on.


Sothnarc continued with the use of body mechanics today and it was also an opportunity to get to know some of the other guys a little better. About an hour into the day, Slacky arrived straight from a nightshift and straight into the training. There was some really good training using the Default position and striking out of it. Then came the mountain goat drill. This was a great drill and definitely left its “mark”. Yes it left a mark on all of us, we all looked like Gorbachev wannabes! Working on knife defence including take downs and then combining everything in different drills was great. The use of the FIST Helmets definitely ensured everyone put a 100% into the drills. There was so much enthusiasm and it made it a really good if bruising day.


This started with a lot of comparisons of the Gorbachev marks and yes the rain had finally stopped !!!! It was a glorious sunny day so Southnarc took the training outside for the day. Once more body mechanics were a big part of the day. This time footwork and generating traction and speed. Ian who runs the Dojo also gave some instruction on the use of kettle bells and the benefits of their use, which was great.
In the afternoon we were put to the test with padded bat drills and then bat and knife drills. Then an additional knife defence was demonstrated and drilled, this was then put to the test in the site toilet block. One on one against and armed opponent. This was a really good drill bringing a number of the skills of the day together.
The day ended in a multiple opponent attack between a couple of cars and some tyres.

Ultimately I can’t say enough about how good the weekend was. Southnarc keeps everything relevant and fresh. His stuff is so simple so what more could you want. Ian and all the guys from the Horin Dojo made you feel welcome. All the egos were left behind, everyone was just there to learn. I am really pleased to have met Southnarc and some more great guys and Southnarc was already hinting at what he wanted to do next year.

I would definitely recommend for for next year!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Shivworks UK 2007   Shivworks UK 2007 Icon_minitimeThu 02 Aug 2007, 23:20

Thanks for the AAR Pete. I was sorry to have missed the seminar, due to my overseas trip, as SouthNarc presents a great wealth f information on his events.

Check Six,
Dennis Martin
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PostSubject: Re: Shivworks UK 2007   Shivworks UK 2007 Icon_minitimeFri 03 Aug 2007, 23:07

yes a great weekends training one of the best drills was the plant and run footwork drill that southnarc taught applied from variuos positions like default against knifeand bat /multiple opponents allowing the person to either escape or make the attacker reset their position buying enough time to give you a few options it was an area that we certainly needed to work on following all of us being dumped on our butts last year during the two /1 exercise at the end of the knees are still sore .many thanks to our hosts at the dojo for organising it all cant wait until 2008.
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Shivworks UK 2007
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