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 Dennis' seminar in Italy 13-14 june 2015

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PostSubject: Dennis' seminar in Italy 13-14 june 2015   Tue 14 Apr 2015, 19:59

Hi to everybody. This is Carlo from Italy. With Dennis we have in program a seminar the 13-14 of june. The subject will be one day absolutely mind-eye shooting , the next one vip protection. I have agreement with the shooting range where I do teach so You will be allowed to shoot and have guns and ammo there. Is enough You bring along with you a certificate of yours family doctor who certifies you are able ( no mental illness for ex.) to practice the sport of shooting with the firearms. I will post a simple in the days to come. The next day would be V.I.P. protection. If You have other subject of interests please, ask and we will consider it. Inside the shooting range there is even a defense police combat system ( 820.000 euros the cost one of the most advanced) . If You want to use it we can arrange but it will need another day . You enter in a room one o one with an instructor. You will shoot on a ballistic wall at 8 meters of distance on interactive movies with shoot -don't shoot opponents like in real life. Unlikely they don't allowed to record so no way for me to show it to You . I have used it just with the police in the States and in Germany . They provide you the weapons (glock , beretta '92. heckler and koch sig saucer etc. ) cost of a box of ammo 9 mm is 11,50 euro pro 50 cartridges if I remember well . Then You have to tell me how long You intend to stay . There are many visit possible to be done in the free time . The world war museum next to the shooting range , I am friend of the curator so probably You will be able to visit area closed to the public. There is Verona with the arena ( an ancient rome 's colosseum for the gladiators fights the second of importance in Italy after the colosseum in Rome ) . There is the garda lake .So let me know yours idea and I will try to combine the best I can to have a great time . Unluckily at this time I cannot yet tell You the cost of the seminar because Den is going in the USA and has yet to shop for the flight . Have a look at Verona's airport with is the closest to Rovereto where the shooting range is located. (these are the termae di Catullo the ancient roman poet and of Virgilio )

So You see there are many activities even for girlfriend / wife and children .

Write me here or to c.carlino

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Dennis' seminar in Italy 13-14 june 2015
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