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PostSubject: SPYDERCO TO THE RECUE   Fri 03 Jul 2015, 10:44


In the article on Tactical Folding knives I mentioned that my first Spyderco was the CO-2 Mariner, a stainless-steel utility model, I bought it about 1990, and it is still being used around the house.
In 1990 Spyderco introduced the C14 Rescue knife, which was, basically, the Mariner with a Day-Glo orange FRN [Fibreglass reinforced Nylon] handle, designed for emergency service personnel, such as Paramedics, Fire-rescue, mountain-rescue and others who need to cut webbing, rope, and clothing safely.

[Top to bottom; Mariner, Rescue, Rescue/Assist]

In 2003 Spyderco further improved the design, with the C-79 Assist-Rescue model. While at the Mindís Eye Shooting Program in Sweden Marcus gave me a sample, and Iíve been evaluating it since...... and itís quickly become one of my favourite knives.

What the Assist does is to take the main functions needed in a utility rescue knife, and added some great little tweaks, that give the overall package added functionality.
The following photos and captions will describe these functions in detail:

The blade has the proven Spyderco serrations, with a plain section near the tip, for fine work, such as whittling triggers for traps, sharpening stakes etc

The previous Mariner and Rescue has a Sheepsfoot tip, the new knife has a special blunt pry-tip for levering actions

The wire clip is skeletonised for maximum lightness, while still retaining the knife firmly while clipped to pocket, waistband, backpack, harness, med-kit, or, buoyancy aid. The clip is reversible for left/rightside tip-up carry.

The trademark Spyderco opening thumb-hole has been enlarged to accommodate gloved hands, and equipped with a Cobra hood, which both aids opening, and provides a platform for cutting pressure

The rocker-lock has been given the Boye detent, which decreases the chances of inadvertent lock-release under maximum gripping pressure

The Rescue-Assist has a couple of features which operate with the blade closed.
As shown on the overview photograph, the back of the blade has a series of gripping waves. These aid in using these closed-blade functions.
Firstly, gripping the closed knife and squeezing deploys a carbide window breaking spike, designed to defeat vehicle plexiglass in a rescue situation....

..... then, for cutting seat belt webbing, or, cordage one handed, the material is scissored between the blade and handle....

.... this can be safer when working in close proximity to casualties, or, aboard a moving vehicle or boat...

The final feature is a built in whistle, for emergency signalling....

I showed this knife to the guys at our International Combatives Seminar, and they were all impressed with the myriad of features....

The more I work with the Rescue-Assist the more uses I find for it. This knife is ideal for anyone employed in the emergency services, anyone who visits remote areas, anyone who goes boating or rafting, anyone in the military, or, indeed, anyone who needs a good practical knife which performs a multitude of tasks.

The Rescue-Assist should be a core part of your personal protection package.


Handle material FRN
Blade steel VG-10
Length overall 8 3/8" (213 mm)
Blade length 3 11/16" (94 mm)
Length closed 4 7/8" (124 mm)
Cutting edge 3 3/16" (81 mm)
Weight 4 oz (115 g)
Hole diameter 9/16" (14 mm)
Blade thickness 1/8" (3 mm)


[Favourite kit, MP-5, P7 and Spyderco Rescue]

For full details of this and other Spyderco products checkout their website here

The catalogue is well worth sending for, itís chock full of good kit

Finally, thanks to Marcus for the knife

Check Six,
Dennis Martin
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