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PostSubject: THE TDI KNIFE: THE LAW ENFORCEMENT EDGE   Tue 14 Jul 2015, 10:52


In 2003 I was invited to be a guest instructor at the Regional Training Conference of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors [IALEFI].While in Dayton,  I attended what we might call an informal “literary dinner”. Present were David Morell [creator of Rambo], Marcus Wynne [author of No Other Option etc], Dave Spaulding [author of Handgun Combatives] and myself reader of those works]. We were joined by John Benner, who had very kindly come across to our hotel to show us the prototype of a new knife he had designed. John runs the Tactical Defence Institute in Ohio, and like me was one of the guest instructors at the IALEFI Regional Training Conference in Dayton.

[John Benner of the Tactical Defence Institute]

John has long experience in law enforcement, including SWAT ops, and  tactical firearms training. He applied his knowledge and experience to solving a particular problem. Uniformed police officers, carry their handguns on the duty belt in plain sight and within easy grab of anyone they are interviewing. A strong, fast, determined assailant can disarm an officer, and there have been numerous tragic cases to prove this. Although officers are trained in weapon retention, much of the material taught relies on leverage and pain-compliance, which can be defeated by aggression.
    Several instructors have come to the conclusion that the best method of weapon retention is to carry a sharp knife, accessible to the offside hand, which allows the officer to “cut loose” if his pistol is grabbed.
    John Benner designed a particularly well thought-out knife for this purpose, and that’s what he brought to the hotel to show us. We were all impressed by the simplicity of the concept.
A while later John got together with the Ka-bar company, and the current production version of the weapon emerged. John very kindly sent me one to evaluate, and I found it a really practical bit of kit.

The Ka-bar TDI knife is specifically designed for uniformed police officers in extreme close-quarters situations, especially where an attempt is made to disarm the officer.
The weapon is sheathed on the inner belt, ideally behind the pistol magazine-pouch. This position offeres several advantages:

1] Space is at a premium on the modern duty belt. Typically the officer carries, pistol, several magazines, flashlight, radio, handcuffs, Taser, impact weapon, first-aid pouch etc. The TDI is positionedbehind the offside magazine pouches, and therefore, takes up no extra space.
2] This position is discreet. The black knife-handle blends with the black mag pouches, and hides the fact that the officer has a blade
3] The officer has typically drawn his magazines hundreds, or, thousands of times in training; so there is commonality of action. There is an existing motor-program upon which the knife access is built.
The angled  shape allows for a drawstroke very similar to the pistol. This is a very positive, natural drawing action.

The knife is ideally drawn by the support-hand, into standard grip; but can be accessed in reverse grip if desired. The plastic sheath is reversible on the belt.

As the attacker grabs the holstered pistol, the officer clamps his master-hand onto the grabbing hand, locking the pistol into the holster. This is the common method, taught in most systems. With the TDI knife, however, the next step is to immediately draw the knife with the support-hand and cut the attacking arm, until he let’s go.

[As Slacky tries to grab his Glock, Nick Hughes "cuts loose" with the TDI knife]

Non-reflective black powder coated AUS 8 stainless steel blade and a textured Zytel handle,
Blade length is 2 5/16” with OAL 5 5/8"

Since the original model was released Ka-bar has announced several variations, including serrated, larger sizes, tanto points and, importantly, a safe trainer.

[Original model TDI, in custom sheath, plus trainer]

This knife has become very popular with police officers, who use it for numerous other applications besides weapon retention. Cutting webbing, flex-cuffs, ligatures, packaging are all tasks that the TDI perform well.
Obviously, the TDI can be used by non-uniformed officers, and, indeed, civilians who find a compact, discreet, fixed-blade appealing.

Further details from Ka bar knives

Check Six,
Dennis Martin
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