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PostSubject: THE GOLOK   Wed 05 Aug 2015, 12:31

The Golok, jungle utility knife:

The original sheath was pretty basic, in either webbing, or leather.

The current sheath is much better, being Cordura, with a rigid insert, and various mounting options

The long webbing strab allows the sheath to be attached to the waist, so that the Golok is with you at all times, as per jungle SOPs.

The knife is kept securely in the sheath by straps/snap-studs

Alternatively, the sheath can be attached to the belt-kit, via a loop

For admin transport the Golok can be slipped into the side slot on the Bergan

The sheat pocket can accomodate a firestarter kit.

The wrist loop is essential. On this model it has an adjustable cord-lock

The Golok is by no means ideal. Lofty's Survival knife is obviously much better. However, the Golok does have the advantage of being inexpensive, and you won't mind using it for heavy jobs. I remember on a course, bashing brambles on a rock to make cordage, and thinking "I wouldn't want to do this with a 100 knife"

There are other aftermarket sheaths available, including this one from America....

Check Six,
Dennis Martin
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