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 Hello and merry christmas from a new member

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Martin JKD

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PostSubject: Hello and merry christmas from a new member   Fri 21 Dec 2007, 09:23

Hello all!

I am Martin Donnelly. I live in North London.
I found this forum via a post on the Tommy Carruthers website.
I am a private student of Sifu Tommy, studying Original Jeet Kune Do.
I began studying martial arts with wing chun kung fu under Sifu Seyfi Shevket of the Spirit Wing Chun school at the age of 14, spent a number of years with him.
Have spent a year or so boxing at Spencer Olivers club in North London also.
Have met Jesse Glover (Bruce Lee's first student) on a couple of occasions at an open seminar held by Spirit Wing Chun, and at a closed doors seminar again held by Spirit.
Also met Grandmaster Danny Guba at the same seminar, his is a multi style system (stick,knife and empty hand) called Guba Doces Pares.
Both Jesse and Danny were an absolute pleasure, and very very knowledgable people, it was an honour to meet them.

Look forward to speaking with everyone here, hope you all enjoy your xmas holidays!

Kind regards,

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PostSubject: Re: Hello and merry christmas from a new member   Fri 21 Dec 2007, 10:34

Welcome to the forum Martin; and a Happy Christmas

Check Six,
Dennis Martin
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Hello and merry christmas from a new member
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