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 The Neural based instructor with Marcus Wynne

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PostSubject: The Neural based instructor with Marcus Wynne   Wed 11 Jul 2007, 15:36

Neural-Based Instructor Program: AAR

From Den

Today was the first day of the NBI Program. Over thirty guys, from South Africa, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Ireland, Holland, Italy and all over the UK gathered for this unique event.
Marcus guided the group through a progressive series of training experiences. I'm not going to detail them here, but in essence the guys learned, learned how to learn, and learned how to teach.....all at the same time.

[Marcus opening the seminar]

Sometimes they were calibrating each other during state accesss, sometimes they were facing a live blade.

[Mika providing the requisite aggression]

The feedback from the guys was 100% positive, and I expect this material to be used by the instructors on forthcoming seminars.
Afterwards we al enjoyed dinner a the HQ hotel, which became a discussion of the training day, as well as lots of shared experiences.
More later

Day two and Marcus really amped up the intensity ,starting with an arduous gauntlet-type drill, which involved blasting through a series of padmen, rescuing a "baby" [represented by a 50lb sandbag.....some baby!] then defending against the padmen again. The guys really accessed their "fighting state", so much so, that two kickpads were destroyed.

[Phil with "baby" as Clint prepares to attack]

A welcome visitor was my old friend Tommy Mac, who was the guy who started Terry O'Neill on the doors. Tom is an NLP Master-practitioner, and I learned a lot from him over the years. He and Marcus became friends during Marcus 1996 visit.

[Tom, Marcus, Den]
More later

From alan Beckett
First of all I would just like to say a big personal thank you to Marcus, the experience that he supplied you cannot buy.

The whole program was just awesome, three hours ago on the train home I was still practising some of the exercises.

As well as being a very experienced operator and trainer of the highest calibre Marcus is also very charismatic guy and a true gentleman.

Marcus, it was a pleasure to meet and spend time with you, I sincerely hope that we can do it again.

Thank you.

From Den

Here's another pic...

This shows the South Africans with the lads. L-R Conrad, Rich,Marcus, Clint and Den.

From Den
This photo shows Marcus monitoring the activity during a State Drill

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Number of posts : 8961
Registration date : 2007-06-27

PostSubject: Re: The Neural based instructor with Marcus Wynne   Wed 11 Jul 2007, 15:37

From Sijkd1

A truly amazing and life enhancing event. Thank you Marcus and Den for arranging it! Big thanks to all the participants form all around the world...I made and re-made acquantainces with some of the best guys ever!

Given your careers, I trust you all stay afe so we can meet again soon!

My deepest gratitude!


From Lee Morrison

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Marcus, I feel that you have taken both me to a new level as both an instructor and a student. Thank you also for taking the time to speak to me on a personal level, I really enjoyed talking to you and your wisdom will help me a lot. I'm sorry I did'nt get a chance to say good bye, I did look for you but I had to get off, it was great meeting you and I hope we can hook up again in the near future. Please take care of yourself and stay in touch as I have always enjoyed our little chats via e-mail, please note that my new e-mail is hope you like the DVD's be lucky
your friend Lee M

Hello all,

A big thanks to Marcus for providing this wonderful course! Also a big thanks for Dennis for setting it up this way. A perfect multi experience! I am definetly going to incorperate it in my own training and that of my students.
Thanks also for the 100% motivation of everyone in the course!

Greetings from sunny Holland


From Den
Thanks to all who have posted their impressions so far, keep them coming.
Each guy made his individual Mind-Map during the NBI Program....

........ the walls were entirely covered with them.
Here's Marcus with some of the guys at the hotel after the Friday training


Here's the group photo for the NBI....


From Mika

What is there to say...the NBI was everything I hoped it to be and then some....

Marcus & Den...dont know were to begin, just amazing. period.


The 4th International combatives seminar in Liverpool:

I’ll make my contribution as short as possible and hopefully also easily readable, leaving the details of training, technique and historical review to those who know it better than I. Here are some of my collected inputs...

Views and comments from the Swedish Lynx:

First, I have to start off giving my thanks to Dennis (a true Leader and Teacher), for having me on such short notice and to Marcus for letting me join in as a guest on his NLP course. I have to say that I have rarely met two such gentlemen and with your kind of experience, still so humble and kind! Thank you very much for letting me embark on this journey.

In general:

Well, I have to say, spending 5 days in a crowded room full of sweaty guys in t-shirts working out – mustn’t it be a dream coming true, to any girl!?! Drawing my breath inhaling the steaming, raw, testosterone filled air from the stress drills certainly did me good! LOL

It’s rare to meet so many experienced instructors, very well into their subjects. I was happy to notice that although this was my first combatives seminar, I didn’t have any trouble training the drills I participated in - and I found it very easy to learn the basics needed to do so.

Marcus contributed an important part the first two days preceding the combatives seminar. It made my experience complete. I’m a firm believer in the importance of “soft skills”, allowing the subconscious, “intuition” or “gut”, play a leading part in self protection as well as in professional contexts. It’s definitely not all about technique, size or gender! It was amazing to see everyone taking it in and trying it out, first as students and then some as instructors at the International – and seeing, feeling, the obvious positive effects of the training! A reflection of mine is that - it’s interesting that visualisation and emotion are obvious parts of training musicians and other performing artists, as well as in sports, but still it has a hard time getting acknowledged in the fighting community! The effects are undeniable and it’s benefits incomparable.

My firm belief is that the training I got this weekend is of a quality that is rarely seen or practised, neither for civilians or professionals involving Mind, Heart, Body and Soul in the art of human self protection.

A big “Thank You” to All attending - students as well as instructors.
See Ya!!! I’ll be back…

A quick note of appreciation to Den, Marcus and all others involved in presenting and attending this excellent seminar.

The whole event was outstanding from start to finish and the opportunity to work with such incredibly impressive yet humble people as all of those in attendance I consider a privilege.

I'd just like to add my thanks. The programme gave me a great deal to think about. It was a privilege to attend.

Thanks again.


Quick one to say many thanks....I was privileged to be on this course and I appreciate we received some very unique training, we're a lucky bunch. I'm still digesting the stuff in my head.....awesome!

I said nice stuff about you on the other thread Marcus, you can't have it twice

I think that Sandbag weighed about as much as me.

Also it was after I had the experience of flying through the locked door of that storeroom and being battered from Pillar to Post by the guys.

Some seriously good matirial was presented here and like James i'm still digesting it - big thanks to Marcus and Den for running the programmes.
take care


At various phases the group was split for syndicate tasks.

The above syndicate were tasked with developing a drill to teach time distortion.....which they did, brilliantly........

by putting Si [ a non-shooter] through a complex target-identification/speed drill

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The Neural based instructor with Marcus Wynne
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