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 Hello from S. Calif.

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PostSubject: Hello from S. Calif.   Hello from S. Calif. Icon_minitimeSat 03 Jan 2009, 00:43

Hello all. I found this site through reading some postings on a Forum that I'm a "Global Moderator" of, Integrated Close Combat Forum (ICCF) of which "Kilogulf59" is the owner of. Anyways, I know I'll post some as that's my nature, but I am certain I'll learn far more than the little that I can impart.

As to my background, I started boxing & competed as a kid & went through a Miltary Academy. My MAs/fighting arts knowledge is both formal, informal (Through friends that are instructors), & research. I have formally learned "some" from Ed Parker's Kenpo, Ishyn Ryu, San Soo, JDK, & Krav Maga (Instructor courses for training/teaching in my Dept.). Informally, through friends & such, I've learned Kendo, Aikido, & some stuff that just doesn't have a name (Some of the people aren't aliive anymore). I'm also a student of Fairbairn, Sykes, & Applegate, & various forms of shooting, including point shooting.

As can probably be taken from the above paragraph, I've been in LE, working a gambit of assignments, including Patrol, Investigations (Plain clothes, Narcotics, fraud, paper crimes, children crimes, etc.) & lastly Admin (Something I've had to do, I guess, since '05, but has been a learning experience). I was also involved in our "Weaponless/Defense" training, & was/am part of an evaluation team for our Dept's firearms.

As I said, I certainly know I'll learn alot here, & "hope" I can contribute what little I can.

Thank you for letting me join, stay safe, & take care,
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PostSubject: Re: Hello from S. Calif.   Hello from S. Calif. Icon_minitimeSat 03 Jan 2009, 10:35

Welcome aboard, and we look forward to having you join in the discussions.

Check Six,
Dennis Martin
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Hello from S. Calif.
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