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 Hello from New Zealand

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Hello from New Zealand Empty
PostSubject: Hello from New Zealand   Hello from New Zealand Icon_minitimeFri 28 Aug 2009, 12:12

Hi Guys,
I'm an ex-pat Scot living in New Zealand.

Started training in Shotokan in 1983 in the Scottish Borders. On moving south of the border to Hexhan I naturally ended up training with Harry Cook. A real eye opener. I trained with Harry for five years or so beforemoving to Co Durham where it was back to mainstream shotokan......marching up and down performing 500 technique combinations all designed to win this old bugger some competition. ( that didn't work either).

In 2001 I upsticks and moved to Nelson in New Zealand where I dabbled in the dark side of the art (kysho jitsu) which I quickly discarded as BS.

Tried a bit of Seido but oss, oss, oss............................................

So spent next 8 years hitting and lifting various things in my garage. Finally started up my own small club (with no afiliation) in our small village.

Harry visited earlier this year bending twisting and generally bashing me for a while al for the price of a meal and a bed for the night. I still follow a Harryish path but my own one which is a way that Harry encouraged. My club loosley follows a Goju Ryu syllabus (learned from Harry) with a strong shotokan flavour.

I teach self-protection as an add on to the classes always making sure that they are aware of the diference betwwen training in a martial 'art' and real scenarios. These real scenarios, I have dwn heavily from Peter Consterdine and Geoff Thompsons work as well as from Dennis. I have heaps of old fighting arts magazines which I used to look out and read your articles first .

Great forum keep up the good work.
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Hello from New Zealand
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