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 charley's bangkok boxer-rebellion gym

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Localisation : thailand
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PostSubject: charley's bangkok boxer-rebellion gym   charley's bangkok boxer-rebellion gym Icon_minitimeMon 12 Oct 2009, 04:48

hello everyone
I hope its okay if I post here about my gym in Bangkok,Thailand because I want to welcome all earnest, sincere, reality based peoples to it.
My policy is that I want all good people to have the chance to train in the best stuff out there regardless of any financial restraints.
Therefore all my seminars are free for allied police/servicemen.
Please come in good spirit, no egoists, secret ninja assassins, people in need of a shrink,15th degree black belts and toffy nosed overweight grandmasters please. And if possible share with us some of your knowledge.

I am bringing in what I consider to be some of the best to hold seminar's. Any advice on this please welcome. For example I plan to bring;
Bill Kipp of the FAST
Avi Nardia kapap
druh pruhs of the LAPD to teach the ISR matrix.( what do others think of this, I love it for police, does anyone concurring? )
And others. dates to be fixed.
Bangkok is an excellent place to hold any sort of seminar.

It is very cheap, the people friendly, many very lovely attractions and just a nice feelings.
Anyone earnest and genuine wishing to host a seminar here, especially from this great site is most welcome.
My gym is available for free. I only ask that
1- it be held in the day time ( we have JKD, savate, muaythai, muayboran,boxing,Amok!,MMA, etc at night)
2- that I and my fellow instructors can attend it and learn too
3-that,if possible we give a demo to certain military/police departments ( who sometimes ask me to recommend good stuff for them)
4- if any big profits to please consider some nice eqipments for everyones use

Thats about all, thanks for reading and any advice please to give. I am not in this for the money. I am awful at business anyway, I just want to have a nice gym with good people attending and hopefully improving the safe lives of others.
best wishes
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charley's bangkok boxer-rebellion gym
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