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As promised, an overview of the program.
Following an introduction and brief history of the Liverpool Gutterfighters, and how we came to be established, we kicked the day off with a two hour block on Circulatory Compromise presented by Shackleton; who is a highly qualified military medic.

This was condensed from the material covered on the previous Tac Medic Program.
This essential topic was taught mainly by hands-on work, with appropriate background information to supplement the practical scenarios.

[The lads work with the latest military dressings]

There was a great deal of interest in this topic, and the prospect of a future full training weekend was warmly welcomed.

[Patrick inserts a cannular into Den's arm in order to infuse tea into him even more rapidly!]

Next, a cadre from the Gutterfighters, led by Tony and Ian, took the class through an aggression/situational awareness drill.

We have been using this drill since before we founded the group, mainly for a multiple-assailant situation training method. However, the lads came up with a novel addition to the drill, to add a whole new dimension.

Similarly Giles and Ben took our established All-in drill and added several new variations. Giles was a regular with the Liverpool group before moving permanently to Yorkshire, where he established a thriving and enthusiastic group of Leeds Gutterfighters. Another superb block of instruction.

[Giles monitors the action]


I then discussed the WW-2 attack to the shin, by blasting in with the Edge-of Boot.

The class tried it as a touch drill, before graduating to pads, then finishing on riot shinguards.

Starting with a PowerPoint presentation on the essentials of Vehicle security and awareness, Phil then moved the class out into the carpark for practical drills in the vehicles.

[Phil discusses vehicle factors]
As a operator on a Specialised Firearms Team, Phil has done much vehicle related training, and he presented the positive and negative aspects of self-protection while faced with carjack or road-rage attack. Again, the class really appreciated this highly topical and relevant lesson.

[Al strikes as Dave holds the Hammerhead target]

Next Brian, another longtime Gutterfighter, and now our youngest instructor discussed body shots.

Starting with the anatomy, then discussing where bodyshots fit into the self-protection toolbox, before finishing with applications on partners wearing torso shields.
To finish off the day Si got everyone sweating and breathless with an arduous set of Straight-blast fitness drills. An ideal wrap-up to a great day of training.
It only remained to present the certificates to the Generation-3 Instructors, who had finished their training series on the previous day. Si Squires was also given a special certificate of recognition for his expertise in High-Stress Scenario Development.

Then Tony and Ian were presented with embroidered shirts as founder members of the Liverpool Gutterfighters. They were there ten years ago when we started the group, and they are still regulars.
Following the group photo, several of us went for the traditional post training scoff.
Most of the guys have committed to attending the Fifth International in September.
See you there.

From Shackleton

What a quality event.

Thanks to Dennis and all involved.

A shoulder injury prevented me getting involved in any of the physical sessions, although this did enable me to take a step back and appreciate the effort and intensity of those who were able to get stuck in.

The opportunity just to watch can sometimes be as informative as or at least give a different perspective from actually taking part.

Once again thanks and well done to all.


From Sijkd1

Congrats to all the new instructors - they all presented quality sessionss AND put out an amazing effort during their testing phase!!!

Well done to all.

Well done to all who attended the weekend and a great big "thank you" to all of the people who presented those sessions.

And once agai, thanks to Dennis for all his effort and foresight into putting together THE best seminars on the circuit.

Really enjoyed the sessions and between the decorating!!!



From Giles

Hi there all,

Thank you very much Den and everybody else that organised and presented pieces at the seminar, and for everyone that, as usual, put 110% into the training. Congratulations to the new cadre too - knowledgeable and good instructors that you all are, I look forward to learning even more from you all over the years.

Myself and the bunch of guys that I train in Leeds and come to these events with, always succeed in going away full of information and enthused for more training - and always remark on how genuinely friendly everyone is, so I'd just like to pass on my thanks from them too.

See you all soon hopefully Giles


From Leeds Ben

Thanks Den and all the instructors for another great training event.

The journey home was largely taken up discussing the various drills and presentations, and planning to train them in future. I'm looking forward to a lot of funny looks from the people of Leeds as we scramble in and out of vehicles and hit pads on the street outside our training venue!

Congratulations to the new instructors. From what I'm told that certificate is hard-earned. Well done and good luck.

See you all at the International.


From Den

Thanks guys. Shackleton, Si and Giles were all heavily involved in presenting the program on Sunday, along with Phil W, Brian and the Gutterfighters group led by Tony.
We really broke the mold on this one, with some very thought-provoling, and varied topics.
I'll be giving more details, plus photos over the next couple of days.
Finally, a big welcome to the Generation-3 Instructors, Larry, Shackleton, Ian, Dave and Brian


From Dave McC

Really enjoyed the weekend with everybody.
The encouragement I got from people was tremendous.

Every one was working so hard.
See you all at the international.

Dave McC


From Simmonds

Another excellent day, thanks to den and all the instructors for a very informative day and congratulations to the new instructors.



From Fraser

That was a brilliant training event. Well done to everyone who presented modules yesterday.

And congratulations to Larry, Shackleton, Ian, Dave and Brian, the new generation of instructors. Looking forward to learning from you all again soon.


From Jared

would just like to add my thanks to everyone who instructed and participated at the seminar. It really is being with you guys that makes it so great a day.

Congratulations to the new instructors

Once again thanks for a great day to you all.



From Paul Scothern

well done all

respect to den and the gutterfighters for keeping a group going 10 years, no easy task.



Check Six,
Dennis Martin
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