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 Thoughts on Marcus Wynne’s Neural Based Training

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PostSubject: Thoughts on Marcus Wynne’s Neural Based Training   Thoughts on Marcus Wynne’s Neural Based Training Icon_minitimeFri 29 Oct 2010, 06:06

I have come to a cross roads in my life where I have been seeking out those at the tip of the spear in the world tactical community. For many years I have heard of Marcus Wynne in several circles that I travel, and was intrigued by the claims of the results that he could produce. I was encouraged by a mutual friend that was the director of training for the para-military division of an intelligence agency, to seek out Marcus for his training if I truly wanted to go to the next level. I took this counsel and was able to make contact with Marcus.

We discussed what it was that I wanted to achieve. Specifically, that was that I wanted to be able to break through barriers that hampered my performance, learn things at an accelerated pace, retain what I had learned for longer, and to pass this knowledge on when teaching people these skills. Marcus told me that he could do this for me. He then began to explain some methods he uses to me, and I was at some loss. You see, Marcus is a brilliant human being; genius would not be an understatement. His knowledge and explanation of certain things is, quite frankly, beyond my simple comprehension. I expressed this to him, and he told me it took less time for him to show me, than to tell me. I took his word for this and was not disappointed.

He arrived at my home base, and we took to each other right away. He was very professional throughout the entire process from start to finish. We went and took a look over the facility, then headed back into town for dinner. Members of the class met with us and we spent several hours talking about many different subjects. We got home and Marcus and I continued to talk about the class. It was at this time that he began showing me a few exercises he uses. He used some techniques to expand my peripheral vision by a significant margin (this was done in less than 5 minutes). He also shared some things to improve my situational awareness and perception (this was done in a short amount of time as well).

At class the next morning, we started off with a few exercises (that I have never seen or considered) to get each other comfortable as a group. He used large pads of paper that we hung up around the class room to use as “mind maps.” Throughout the class we put our thoughts on this paper, and it really helped us to retain what we learned; and served well than more detailed notes on conventional note pads. This was done in a manner that helped reinforce our subconscious and conscious brains.

We worked on some techniques that he and I worked on the previous night with peripheral vision and situational awareness. He showed us how to use overt and covert pre assault cues to predict when someone was going to act. While I have had similar training in the past, Marcus was able to show me how to recognize things earlier. He did this in a short amount of time, and in a way that was easy to understand and retain.
After this, we moved onto the range for some gun work. Marcus progressed us through a series of drills shooting at paper plates. Eventually he moved onto an exercise that I had been exposed to before, but with a different slant of sorts. We began to shoot groups on the plates while our eyes were closed. It should be noted that this was done in a controlled and extremely safe manner, and at no time were there any safety violations. Within just a few minutes (are you seeing a theme yet?) every member of the class was able to shoot tight groups at five yards with their eyes closed. Most were able to keep all five rounds touching each other. Mind you, this starts from the gun in the holster, draw, extend, and fire a five round string; all while both eyes are closed.

The second day started off with two volunteers I recruited as my guinea pigs. They were two ladies under 23 that had never handled or been trained with a handgun before. Marcus did a few exercises with them to establish hand eye coordination, and movement. Then he gave them a Glock converted for use with simmunitions and showed them a few simple movements that were based off of the previous exercises he had done with them. All of this took approximately 11 minutes total with the two ladies. At no time did he discuss or show them a specific grip, stance, trigger manipulation, or other things that I have always started new shooters off with.

Once this was done he had me put on safety equipment and grab a training knife. He put said simmunitions Glock in one of their hands and had me stand about 7 yards away from them. On his command I began to move aggressively at them, menacing with the knife. They began evasive movement, proper retention techniques, and began to shoot. The results were astounding. The first lady hit me three for three in the upper torso, dead center, while we were both moving. The second lady, hit me three for three in the upper torso, and achieved a head shot on me as well, again while we were both moving. I was blown away, literally and figuratively.

We then moved onto the range and replaced the sims gun with a live Glock. He spent a few minutes with them dry firing and moving around stationary target. He then loaded the gun and they began making multiple center torso shots on the move. After this he had me set up a scenario for them to run through. I moved with them and was astounded by the results again. The scenario was going through a door, engaging a hostile target with a burst to the chest and face; traversing down a hall way, and culminating with a hostage scenario where a precision head shot was made at around seven yards. The results for both were 100% hits on targets, on the move, while using advanced tactics.
When I had thought I had seen it all, Marcus told me to load up a MP5 and have them run the scenario again. With no other instructions, than for them to hold the gun in a certain way, and to shoot until the reactive targets fell down, we were off and running. Two young ladies with less than half an hour total training, from the time they stepped onto the facility, were able to make full auto bursts to the chest and head of the first target, while on the move at an accelerated pace; and make a hostage rescue shot (past the hostage to the head of the aggressor) while on the move. All hits remained on target and the hostage was untouched. I have quite simply, never seen anything like this in my life, and was astounded by the results.

The class had a few more exercises that we performed, and worked on several other things in a group format. Marcus provided us answers to our questions and told us how to research certain principles that we had questions about. Everyone in the class was more than pleased with what we had learned and experienced. The two young ladies now have a skill set that they will never forget and can call upon at any time in the future if needed. They also have a foundation to build off of if they so choose. The members of the class have a wealth of knowledge to expand on and use for a greater good.

Marcus Wynne is a master of his chosen path, and a most senior Jedi. I cannot recommend Marcus’s classes highly enough. Do whatever it takes to learn from him if the situation presents itself to you. He is one of the few true legends in our community that is still available. He is welcome in my home anytime, and I would gladly have him watch my six in any critical situation that I can imagine, there is no higher praise that I can give him.
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PostSubject: Re: Thoughts on Marcus Wynne’s Neural Based Training   Thoughts on Marcus Wynne’s Neural Based Training Icon_minitimeFri 29 Oct 2010, 10:53

Many thanks for the detailed overview of Marcus' course. Having been privilidged to have associated with the lad since 1988 I totally agree with your assessment of his unique skills as a master communicator and instructor.

Check Six,
Dennis Martin
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PostSubject: Re: Thoughts on Marcus Wynne’s Neural Based Training   Thoughts on Marcus Wynne’s Neural Based Training Icon_minitimeSun 31 Oct 2010, 15:23

@SOT - thanks for the great AAR; much appreciated. Credit really goes to you and the others who were willing to go "outside the box" -- glad it went well for you.
@Den -- cheers, brother...
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PostSubject: Re: Thoughts on Marcus Wynne’s Neural Based Training   Thoughts on Marcus Wynne’s Neural Based Training Icon_minitime

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Thoughts on Marcus Wynne’s Neural Based Training
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